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DueDee Affiliate Policy

by Athirah Syamimi

As you know, doing research and product testings requires a lot of time. It takes so much time that it becomes a full-time job for us. One way to help DueDee to do what we do, we put it affiliate links in some of our articles.

Affiliate links are links retailers and Amazon uses to recognise that the website traffic came from DueDee’s articles. When you purchase something after clicking on affiliate links from us, retailers give us a percentage of the amount you spend. However, this does not mean we are in partnership with Amazon or any other retailers.

We are also not biased towards any products or companies. Our reviews are based on our personal judgement. You have our solemn promise that we will never recommend anything we won’t ever use. Our whole idea of DueDee is for us to help you do your due diligence before purchasing a gaming gear.

For more information, feel free to drop an email to athirah@duedee.co